Fundación Tatiana

The Foundation

At Fundación Tatiana we are committed to Science and Youth. We support research in Neuroscience and the training of young people in Civic Leadership to positively impact our society through research centres, scholarships and specific programmes.

From our offices in the World Heritage Cities of Ávila, Cáceres and Córdoba, we take the opportunity to promote the development of people from their natural environment through Entrepreneurship Programmes that involve learning with a personal impact on the local environment. In general, we conserve and disseminate our own Historical and Artistic Heritage in a way that promotes our commitment to the development of people in their own natural environment.

Fundación Tatiana aims to be a leading foundation in human commitment to what is truly heritage, which is oneself. It is firmly committed to the dignity of the person – wherever they are from and wherever they are – making the truth that each person has to offer to the world manifest itself in a fertile way. For this reason, it offers all those young people, entrepreneurs and researchers who feel that only a great personal decision transcends the social, a space to transform their lives and, with it, to be a catalyst to make the lives of generations of Spaniards transcend.

A firm and ambitious commitment to Science, Youth and the Natural Environment