School visits


Would you like to visit our palace with a school group?

If you are a teacher of Infant, Primary, ESO, FP, you work with a special group or you are a monitor in a leisure and free time camp, we offer you, every Wednesday of the year, free guided tours of the museum.

We want to facilitate the access of children and young people to culture and contribute to the formation of cultural identity, observing directly the heritage and history that surrounds us.

During the tour of the rooms of the palace we will discover, through the Golfín family, one of the oldest lineages of Cáceres, representative aspects of different periods that will allow us to travel back in time and approach history in an experiential way.

We will learn how the nobles lived, the activities they practised, the relevance of mythology, heraldry, religion,… present in the decoration of the rooms, without forgetting history, especially during the reign of the Reyes Católicos.

All this accompanied by our technicians who will adapt the visit according to the educational level of each group, promoting learning, reflection and dialogue. We will have a great time in incredible spaces.

The maximum capacity per group is 25 people.

Each group must be accompanied by a teacher or a responsible person.


If you want to visit us you only have to request it in advance through this form.